About Aline

Aline LaFlamme of Good Medicine Consulting is a Metis grandmother, pipe carrier, Sundancer, drum maker, singer, traditional healer, therapist and workshop facilitator. She is the founder and past Executive Director of the Aboriginal Front Door Society, located in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, and a founding member of the Daughters of the Drum.

For over 20 years, Aline has carried ceremonies, teachings, and healing to countless communities throughout the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Alberta, where she introduced and led sweat lodge and pipe ceremonies, and healing workshops, as  well as drum making courses (in 2007 she surpassed her goal of creating 1,000 drums). Aline has created and facilitated many workshops for survivors of residential schools.

Aline’s education includes a degree in Criminology with a Psychology minor, two years of special training with UW Psychiatric Department, as well as many years of traditional teachings from respected Aboriginal Elders.


Aline brings a deep wisdom, great love, lots of laughter, deep compassion, spiritual connection and a gentle heart wherever she goes. She is pleased to offer a wide variety of educational, therapeutic, and cultural offerings under the banner of Good Medicine Consulting.

“Walk with love, honour, respect and compassion for all things in Creation, including ourselves”




Therapeutic Work

• Individual, couple & family counselling

• Marriage counselling

• Addictions Recovery

• Grief and Loss Therapy

• PTSD Recovery



• Pipe Ceremonies • Vision Quests • Weddings • Birthings • Memorials • Moontime Ceremonies • Wiping of the Tears Ceremonies
• Sweatlodge Ceremonies

• Smudging • Rites of Passage



• Aboriginal cultural awareness workshops
• Drum-making, drumming and singing 
• Communication, team-building, and conflict-resolution workshops

“Aline’s dedication and commitment to unity, Native spirituality, healing, ceremonies, alcohol and drug-free living and encouraging everyone she encounters to walk on the Red Road is commendable. She has worked with our residents and has shared pipe ceremonies and healing circles with them. They love her work and we see a very positive benefit from her time spent with them.”




Media Gallery

Open Mic Poet Aline Laflamme reading at Poetic Justice


Daughters of the Drum


The Daughters of the Drum is a Vancouver-based collective of Aboriginal women who drum, sing, and perform with the intention of celebrating and preserving Aboriginal culture.

If you are interested in booking the Daughters of the Drum for an event, please contact Aline at alinelaflamme1@gmail.com.


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